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Quality Friendship Balls

These friendship balls are just divine! Our gorgeous and colourful friendship balls are a wonderful gift for the friend who has everything. These friendship balls are of an extremely high standard; they have been hand-crafted with great attention to detail. The perfectly round shape of our friendship balls are a delight to behold. We make mosaic balls, which have a textured appearance and have been pieced together with precision. Our smooth blown varieties have been formed into exceptionally shiny spheres. We make friendship balls in all colours; you will find plenty of available to browse options on our website. There are quality balls in warm reds, oranges and pinks. There are cooler coloured balls in blues and greens, each of which shimmers and glistens in the sun. You will be able to find a friendship ball in any favourite colour. Each one is unique; just like each friend in your life. A high-quality gift like this will show your friend how special they are to you. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate those kindred spirits who mean so much. Our quality friendship balls can be securely packed and shipped so send one to someone special and brighten their day.

Why Friendship Balls Are Good

The history behind friendship balls is charming. These beautiful hand-crafted ornaments were traditionally made by glassblowers who held onto the leftover glass at the end of their work day. They formed this otherwise unused glass into balls and gave them to family and friends as a symbol of friendship and to bring good luck. Our friendship balls are created by skilled craftspeople, just like in the days of old. You may also hear friendship balls referred to as fairy balls, witches balls, spiritual balls or ornamental balls. They are of great appeal to those who like gifts with symbolism and history. 

Many cultures recognise the sacred perfection of a sphere. The round shape of a friendship ball symbolises a deep and ongoing relationship between two people because it has no beginning or end. It is constant, boundless, ongoing and timeless. For some, the circle means wholeness, oneness and unity. The circular shape is like that of a planet that travels in orbit around the sun. Circles are also seen to bring good luck and fortune, plus they also offer protection. Each friendship ball make is hand blown and will have its own individual appearance and colour palette. When you buy a friendship ball from us, you can select an accompanying gift tag that reads “mother”, “sister” or “friendship ball” with some information about the lovely history and tradition of friendship balls

Why Friendship Is Good

Having friends and sharing your life with other people is important. There is a growing body of research which proves that having friends is good for your health. People who are isolated are more at risk of health problems as they age, while those with close ties to others fare better. Those with strong friendship groups are less likely to die prematurely and are less likely to experience heart disease. And having friends can keep you more active from taking a walk along the beach while you chat, playing a game of tennis or going out dancing for the evening. We are often more likely to exercise when we have a friend to share it with. Friends also help us deal with stresses and worries, and in this way having friends is good for our mental health. We learn from our friends, they can inspire and encourage us when we need them. Good friends understand how we are feeling and provide reassurance, guidance or even just an ear to listen. It doesn't matter if you have three good friends or thirty as long as you have people you can talk to, enjoy free time with and call on if you need a little support. If you have a special friend you would like to recognise for being there for you, consider a friendship ball. A friendship ball is a great symbol of a relationship between two people, and a way of saying thank you to your special friends, your sister or your mum.