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The Benefits of Friendship Balls

Friendship Balls make a lovely gift for a loved one at any time of year, but Christmas and New Year are really the perfect occasion to gift a friendship ball to a friend or family member. Friendship Balls are a unique symbol of a deep connection between two people. The rounded shape of the ball shows the true nature of your relationship: without beginning or end. There is something festive about the way Friendship Balls shimmer and shine in the light- and the recipient of your gift may want to display the ball on the Christmas dining table or near the Christmas tree or nativity scene. They might choose to display the Friendship Ball during the festive season only, keeping it securely wrapped and stored during the year. Or, they might place it somewhere prominent in the home to act as an ever present reminder of the love and bond between you. Some of our friendship balls are created with the colours of Christmas- greens and reds, while others look more like ice or snow scenes. Imagine the delight your friend, mother or sister would experience on opening a one-of-a-kind friendship ball on Christmas morning. Each ball is completely unique, made of hand-blown glass. Balls all come with a stand and one of three explanatory note cards, addressed to Mother or Sister, or the more general explanation of the Friendship Ball.

Endless Knot

Another symbolic gift idea other than friendship balls is the glass Endless Knot. An Endless Knot shows an endless and interconnected relationship between two people. It reveals a true bond, a complete trust and deep sense of affection. Endless Knots make very popular Christmas gifts. However, the Endless Knot actually makes a marvellous gift idea for New Year, a way to show someone that even though a new year is beginning, that you are present and going to be always with them. An Endless Knot is a great gift idea to be posted to someone far away, because it shows you are present in a symbolic way with the recipient. You might not be in the same state or country as the person, but you are bound and held together. Our Endless Knots are made of glass with a size of 12cm in diameter. Many of the knots are made with two colours of glass, showing the two personalities linked up together. Endless Knots have a unique form and no two are alike- just like the two individuals symbolise the knot. You might choose a knot for a spouse, a parent, a sibling or a friend. Each of these relationships can be depicted with an Endless Knot. We also create knots that are smooth, or with a more textured appearance like rope or cord- there are plenty of options on our website beyond friendship balls.

Christmas Decorations

Some families have a special tradition of buying one new ornament each year to hang on the Christmas tree. In this way you will add a special memory each Christmas, and be able to look back on previous year’s choices as you decorate. You can even write the year the item was purchased somewhere on the decoration, with a fine pen. You choice could be something to do what has happened during the year. Got a new pet? Pick something with a dog or a cat. Moved house? Select a snow-dusted ceramic cottage as your ornament. Luckily Jamjo Gifts has a wide range of options when it comes to Christmas decorations. There are some cute and quirky choices, such as mini glass beer bottles and caravans. If you have had a new arrival during 2020, you might want to select a Baby’s first Christmas bauble, available in both pink and blue. There are also a number of nice Australian selections which make small and easy to send gifts for friends or family overseas; kangaroos, echidnas and kookaburras. We have more traditional Christmas items such as wreaths, angels and trees, plus religious and nativity items. We stock lighting supplies and Christmas gift bags. The Christmas section of our website will give you plenty of gift ideas if you are looking for a special something for workmates or neighbours or a unique gift.