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What Are Friendship Balls? (And Why You Should Buy One)

If you’ve landed here, you’re either considering buying a friendship ball. Or, trying to find out exactly what it is.

A friendship ball can mean different things to different people, as no two are the same.

If that sounds a bit wishy-washy, bear with me. Keep reading to find out what a friendship ball is, why you should buy one and what they symbolise.

What is a friendship ball?

A friendship ball is a symbolic gift, made from hand-blown glass and is 100% unique.

The ball is a symbol for, you guessed it, friendship. But, not just any friendship, a deep friendship reserved for those closest to you. It was traditionally made by glassblowers who would use leftover glass. They would give them to friends, family and those closest to them.

A friendship ball is made from hand-blown glass. And, the balls can have many different patterns and colours. So, it’s a great way to capture the essence of your relationship with someone.

On top of that, the friendship balls are 100% unique. So, even if you chose a similar style for two people, it wouldn’t end up looking exactly the same. And, that’s why people have used this as a symbol for once-in-a-lifetime relationships.

Why should I buy one?

Friendship balls symbolise deep relationships. And, are a great way to show people you care about them. Sure, people appreciate gifts even when they’re not unique. But, imagine how they would feel if they received something only for them.

These beautiful spheres have also been known to bring good fortune and protection. Now, I don’t know about you. But, we wouldn’t mind some more of this in our lives! So, by giving someone a lucky gift, you are strengthening your relationship.

As a whole, a friendship ball is a reminder that you value your relationship.

What are the different types of friendship balls?

There are many types of friendship balls to choose from. And, that’s why it’s a great way to symbolise each individual relationship you have. From fiery reds, to calm blues and earthy greens. There is a style for everyone out there.

Firstly, fiery reds tend to symbolise courage, love and joy. So, if you’ve been through some tough times with this person, it’s a reminder of the courage it took to reach the other side. Or, it can be a symbol for all the love and joy that the relationship brings both of you.

Next are the calm blues. Your friendship could be filled with sage advice or maybe they’ve been a reliable friend. So, by choosing a blue friendship ball you are reminding them of the serenity they bring you.

Finally, there are earthy greens. Green symbolises health, tranquillity and nature. So, if your friend enjoys the outdoors, it’s a way to show them that you pay attention. And, wishing them good health and a peaceful life is always a nice thing to do.

Now that you know what a friendship ball is, why you need one and you’ve learnt about the different types. Which relationships would you like to capture through a friendship ball?

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