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BEVERAGE COOLER SLOUCH - BLACK 71cm x 8cm - Jamjo Online


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This can cooling slouch will hold five of your cans in the cooler compartment and conveniently sling across your back. 

Don’t get me wrong, the esky has an important role in Aussie society.  

But the manoeuvrability (or lack thereof) leave us wanting more. 

 Surely there’s a more convenient way to keep our beers cold?  

A way that doesn’t require trudging back to the cooler every time we need to crack a fresh cold one. 

Reduce your trips back to the esky by approximately five times!  

Plus it features a convenient stubby holder on the front so you’ve always got one lined up ready. 

 A great gift for festival lovers or the bloke who takes fielding a little too seriously for backyard cricket. 

Single can holder in the front for your open beer 

Holds five more in the back cooler 

Perfect for a man on a mission 

Take it to a festival for fewer trips to the bar 

Easily adjustable strap