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MASKiT - MASK BOX - RED - Jamjo Online
MASKiT - MASK BOX - RED - Jamjo Online
MASKiT - MASK BOX - RED - Jamjo Online


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You wear that mask for hours, pressed up against your face - so throwing it in your handbag is a little gross.

Mask box - red

MASKiT understands this modern dilemma and has the answer!

Keeping your mask free from dust in your handbag and keeping your bag safe from your germy used mask, this case is next-level clever.

Compact, lightweight, and portable, this is the hygienic way to store your reusable face masks.

We put un-sanitised hands straight into our bags and pockets all the time - make sure you're not also touching your mask with this MASKiT Face Mask Protector Case. 

MASKiT storage solutions 

Storage capacity: 1 x mask

Reusable storage case for face masks 

Perfect for your fabric reusable masks 

Keeps your mask clean 

Much cleaner than throwing your mask in a pocket or handbag 

It stops germs from getting from your mask onto your other things

Materials: Plastic

Size (approx. cm): 13 x 13 x 1 (L x H x W)