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TIE KNOT - BLACK & GOLD - Jamjo Online
TIE KNOT - BLACK & GOLD - Jamjo Online
TIE KNOT - BLACK & GOLD - Jamjo Online


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Tie Knot - Black & Gold

This Forever Knot has been hand-made and mouth-blown to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

The gift of a forever knot

Comes in an attractive gift box.

Comes with a positive affirmation card.

The affirmation card reads:

“The offering of a Forever Knot is an old tradition representing a never-ending connection. A symbol of eternity, harmony, loyalty, and endless friendship. This Forever Knot is handmade and unique, intertwining both the past and the present. Unifying a deep friendship with no beginning and no end. Linking our lives and binding us together.”

Please note as these items have been handmade with love, each piece is unique so colours and patterns can vary.

Various quantities of colours can be found with each knot design. 


Width – 9 cm approx.

Length - 20 cm approx.

Height - 5 cm approx.

For any further instructions - please contact us info@jamjohomeandgifts.com.au

Please note: These tie knots are not meant to be perfect gallery pieces; each is handmade and unique and may vary slightly from the one pictured.